This page explains how to configure a router for ddclient, which is where ddclient will get your IP address. This is one of the three pieces of ddclient configuration alongside general config and protocols. Start on the homepage for a breakdown of how these interact.

To configure your favorite router, modify the use property in your configuration to something like use=linksys-ver2. Don’t forget to put your router password and login in the configuration.

This is an incomplete list of routers supported by ddclient. If your favorite isn’t here, check the result of ddclient --help with the most recent version of ddclient. If it’s not there, check the code at and if it’s really not supported by ddclient you can try to modify ddclient yourself.


Non router option

option information
use=web obtain IP from an IP discovery page on the web.
use=if obtain IP from the -if {interface}.
use=ip obtain IP from -ip {address}.
use=cmd obtain IP from the -cmd {external-command}.
use=fw obtain IP from the firewall specified by -fw {type|address}.

Incomplete list of supported routers

option information
use=3com-3c886a obtain IP from 3com 3c886a 56k Lan Modem at the -fw {address}.
use=3com-oc-remote812 obtain IP from 3com !OfficeConnect Remote 812 at the -fw {address}.
use=alcatel-stp obtain IP from Alcatel Speed Touch Pro at the -fw {address}.
use=allnet-1298 obtain IP from Allnet 1298 at the -fw {address}.
use=cayman-3220h obtain IP from Cayman 3220-H DSL at the -fw {address}.
use=cisco obtain IP from Cisco FW at the -fw {address}.
use=dlink-604 obtain IP from D-Link DI-604 at the -fw {address}.
use=dlink-614 obtain IP from D-Link DI-614+ at the -fw {address}.
use=e-tech obtain IP from E-tech Router at the -fw {address}.
use=elsa-lancom-dsl10 obtain IP from ELSA !LanCom DSL/10 DSL FW at the -fw {address}.
use=elsa-lancom-dsl10-ch01 obtain IP from ELSA !LanCom DSL/10 DSL FW (isdn ch01) at the -fw {address}.
use=elsa-lancom-dsl10-ch02 obtain IP from ELSA !LanCom DSL/10 DSL FW (isdn ch01) at the -fw {address}.
use=linksys obtain IP from Linksys FW at the -fw {address}.
use=linksys2 obtain IP from Linksys FW ver 2 at the -fw {address}.
use=maxgate-ugate3x00 obtain IP from !MaxGate UGATE-3x00 FW at the -fw {address}.
use=netgear-rt3xx obtain IP from Netgear FW at the -fw {address}.
use=netopia-r910 obtain IP from Netopia R910 FW at the -fw {address}.
use=smc-barricade obtain IP from SMC Barricade FW at the -fw {address}.
use=sohoware-nbg800 obtain IP from SOHOWare !BroadGuard NBG800 at the -fw {address}.
use=vigor-2200usb obtain IP from Vigor 2200 USB at the -fw {address}.
use=watchguard-soho obtain IP from Watchguard SOHO FW at the -fw {address}.
use=xsense-aero obtain IP from Xsense Aero at the -fw {address}.

Other configurations