This page describes general configuration options for ddclient. This is one of the three pieces of ddclient configuration alongside routers and protocols. Start on the homepage for a breakdown of how these interact.

Most users are unlikely to need to specify many of these options.


option result  
-daemon delay run as a daemon, every delay number of seconds (default: 0).  
-{no}foreground do not fork (default: noforeground) (since r113)  
-proxy host use ‘host’ as the HTTP proxy.  
-server host update DNS information on ‘host’ (default:  
-protocol type update protocol used (default: dyndns2).  
-file path load configuration information from ‘path’. Only works when given as a command line argument. (default: /etc/ddclient/ddclient.conf).  
-cache path record address used in ‘path’ (default: /etc/ddclient/ddclient.cache).  
-pid path record process id in ‘path’.  
-use which how the should IP address be obtained. (default: ip). More information about the possible use-arguments can be found on the supported routers page  
-ip address set the IP address to ‘address’.  
-postscript script run ‘script’ after updating. The new IP address is added as argument.  
-if interface obtain IP address from ‘interface’ (default: ppp0).  
-if-skip pattern skip any IP addresses before ‘pattern’ in the output of ifconfig {if}.  
-web provider|url obtain IP address from provider’s IP checking page (default: dyndns).  
-web-skip pattern skip any IP addresses before ‘pattern’ on the web provider|url.  
-fw address|url obtain IP address from firewall at ‘address’.  
-fw-skip pattern skip any IP addresses before ‘pattern’ on the firewall address url.
-fw-login login use ‘login’ when getting IP from fw.  
-fw-password secret use password ‘secret’ when getting IP from fw.  
-cmd program obtain IP address from by calling {program}.  
-cmd-skip pattern skip any IP addresses before ‘pattern’ in the output of {cmd}.  
-login user login as ‘user’.  
-password secret use password ‘secret’.  
-host host update DNS information for ‘host’.  
-{no}ssl do updates over encrypted SSL connection (default: nossl). Works only on a few providers.  
-{no}retry retry failed updates. (default: noretry).  
-{no}force force an update even if the update may be unnecessary (default: noforce).  
-timeout max wait at most ‘max’ seconds for the host to respond (default: 0).  
-{no}syslog log messages to syslog (default: nosyslog).  
-facility {type} log messages to syslog to facility {type} (default: daemon).  
-priority {pri} log messages to syslog with priority {pri} (default: notice).  
-mail address e-mail messages to {address}.  
-mail-failure address e-mail messages for failed updates to {address}.  
-{no}exec do {not} execute; just show what would be done (default: exec).  
-{no}debug print {no} debugging information (default: nodebug).  
-{no}verbose print {no} verbose information (default: noverbose).  
-{no}quiet print {no} messages for unnecessary updates (default: noquiet).  
-help print a help message (default: nohelp).  
-{no}query print {no} ip addresses and exit.